What is Rezerect?

Rezerect is an homage to your old haunts. It's a celebration of your former stomping grounds.

We bring beloved Toronto nightclubs, venues, bars and other live-music hotspots back to life as easy-to-assemble miniature cardboard replicas.
"23 Hop" 318 Richmond Street West

Most importantly, we raise funds for good causes along the way. A portion of profits from each project is donated to a specific cause that’s chosen by people associated with the venue – former owners, promoters, or patrons.

We donate 20% of the profits from our 318 Richmond project to Colorectal Cancer Canada in honor of Audra Miller. Audra is the late wife of Ben Ferguson, who ran dozens of Sykosis parties at 318.

The Process

Our team collaborates with building owners, occupants, managers, employees, promoters, patrons, and even neighbours to capture the true spirit of the venue.

Oftentimes these physical buildings no longer exist, or have undergone renovations that render them unrecognizable. We meticulously research the history of each property and scour through photo archives and city records to get the essential details right.

We utilize satellite technology (Google) to get a better idea of the dimensions of the building.
Then we work with an artist who creates a raw sketch.
Following that, we work with a digital artist to reconstruct each facet of the venue. Given some of these venues no longer exist, we rely on old photos, building plans, memories (and sometimes a little imagineering!)
The finer details are then lovingly added.
A colour version gets shipped to our production team and they experiment with various ideas for assembling the replica once it's in cardboard format.
Eventually, they settle on the easiest assembly method that provides the most structural integrity.
A print shop goes to work outputting the design on cardboard sheets and customizing die cuts for each piece.

And, voila. It's not to scale, it's not perfect, but damn, it's a thing of beauty.
Finally, we have an artist create a beautiful, frameable piece that captures the original vibes of the venue.

Plus, we make tees that feature the logos you miss the most.

Who is Rezerect?

We’re former Toronto ravers, promoters, club managers, and owners. Then, just like that, we were forced to grow up. Now we’re in bed by 11 pm so we can get to our 9-5 jobs. You can take us out of nightclubs, but you can’t take nightclubs out of us.

Ben Ferguson


Jim Applegath

We Give Back

A portion of the profits from each project gets donated to a chartible organization that's chosen by those who operated or worked at the venue. It's usually something near and dear to their heart, in honour of a partner, employee or patron who passed away.

20% of the Profits Donated toColorectal Cancer Canada


In Honour ofAudra Miller



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Rare Footage: Inside 23 Hop in 1995
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What Should We Rezerect Next?

Now that 318 Richmond West is done, we want to hear from you. What nightclub and raves should we work on for phase 2? Vote now!
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