318 Richmond St. W. Miniature Cardboard Replica


An easy-to-assemble miniature interlocking cardboard (foamboard) replica of the infamous 318 Richmond Street West building.

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Located just east of Peter Street, 318 Richmond Street West is undoubtedly one of the most important addresses in the history of Toronto’s vibrant after-hours scene. If you partied until the wee hours of the morning at any point in the early to mid-1990s, chances are you’ve been to this space dozens of times.

The complete list of raves and warehouse jams that took place here would be nearly impossible to compile but notable events include: Exodus, Sykosis, The Rise, Infor/Mental, Banarave ’92, and Underground Resistance.

Numerous other all-ages events, afterparties, as well as weekly alternative nights like Freak Show and booze cans like The Zombie Club, all called 318 home.

This miniature full-colour replica is made of interlocking cardboard (actually, it’s foamboard which is stronger than cardboard!), so it assembles in minutes without any additional materials.

If you’re interested to know what went into bringing this beloved building back to life, here’s our process.

We Give Back

If you’re old enough to remember these rave organizations, it’s also time you booked a colonoscopy. We donate 20% of the profits from this item to Colorectal Cancer Canada in memory of Audra Miller. She was a regular at 318 Richmond in 1991 and ’92 and beloved wife to Ben Ferguson. She passed away in 2021.

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Accurate graffiti, unisex washrooms, and the infamous rear loading dock/elevator.


5.75" x 5.75" x 3.5" (Not to scale.)


1.1 oz / 32 g


Coated Foamboard.

Assembly Time

3 minutes.

Materials Required

None. Locking pieces, no glue necessary.

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