Afterhours & Publishing Veteran Jim Applegath

Jim is a veteran of the nightlife business and also just nostalgia-obsessed. He began selling t-shirts and mixtapes at clubs and raves in early 1992. Later that year he kicked off his first entrepreneurial when he and a partner formed a Toronto rave organization called Infinity Productions. In 1995 he became co-editor and publisher of a professionally printed rave magazine called, The Communic8r. The magazine still exists today in digital format, as a website and social media entity that documents the history of Toronto’s world-renowned after-hours scene.

In 1995, Jim was also co-owner of BUZZ, a weekly after-hours event showcasing international DJs. In 1996 he moved to Industry Nightclub to become the operations manager. During his tenure at Industry, he and Ben Ferguson worked as editors of 4:AM, Industry’s dance music culture magazine.

In 1999, he and Ben conceptualized, co-owned, and managed NASA Dance Pub, a small nightclub that ran for 5 years on Queen St. West. NASA won several awards, including Toronto’s best chill-out club.

Jim moved away from late nights in 2004 to launch Defunkd, an online vintage t-shirt boutique. Within a few years, his business won an entrepreneurial award from eBay. Defunkd is still in full swing today with an established reputation as the world’s leading authority on authentic vintage t-shirts.

Jim was also the driving force behind Reunited, a series of rave reunion events between 2010 to 2013. Reunited was revived and reimagined amid the pandemic as Virtually Reunited an online-based event that attracted thousands of visitors over three nights of DJ and PA performances.

Jim has also spent many years as a content writer and editor for various online publications, and online communities, some with audiences numbering in the millions. Most recently he was the head of the long-form editorial department at The Dad.


Rare Footage: Inside 23 Hop in 1995
May 19, 2022by Jim Applegath0
Rare Footage: Inside 23 Hop in 1995
An exhaustive, decade-long search for footage inside 23 Hop finally came to an end last year. [ X-Files Music Intensifies ] A gentleman named Dwayne contacted director Colm Hogan (The Legend of 23 Hop) with an hour-long video taken in 1995 at a warehouse jam inside 23 Hop. These clips have only been shown a...
What the Eff Was Tri-Ad Photo Engravers, Anyway?!
May 14, 2022by Jim Applegath0
What the Eff Was Tri-Ad Photo Engravers, Anyway?!
318. 23 Hop. The birthplace of Toronto’s legendary rave scene. Ground zero for Toronto’s jungle scene. The Rise. The location was used for countless raves, after-hour events, booze cans, all-ages parties, and warehouse jams. If you did any late-night dancing in the early to mid-90s, you’ve definitely walked out of this address in the wee...
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